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Discover all of the fishing waters available! From privately-owned lakes and local piers to the nation’s open water hotspots, Hooked knows the best places to fish! Get private access to hidden fishing jewels across the country and turn fishing into catching!

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For whom

Whether you are a seasoned pro or a beginner fisherman, Hooked is the place for you! Share the best local and private spots through an easy-to-use, informative platform and add a new dimension to your fishing experience!

“We know where the best fishing happens.”

- The Hooked Crew

How it Works

Hooked allows fishing enthusiasts and professionals to identify any fishable waters near them, both public and private. Get notifications when a lake that fits your needs is nearby. Let GPS lead the way. Negotiate the price with private owners, leave a review or add new lakes and key navigable points for fellow anglers to enjoy the experience.

Own fishable water yourself?

Set a fixed or negotiable price and offer your property to anglers!

Hooked App Features

  • Access To Private and Exclusive Fishing Locations

Hooked offers a range of fishing waters you won’t find elsewhere. Browse through private waters, contact their owners, and start a supreme fishing experience.

  • Navigatio

Get notifications about the places to fish and let GPS lead the way!

  • Be A Part of the Community

Get involved by leaving a review or adding interesting spots and key navigable points like boat ramps, fishing supplies, and repairs for everyone to enjoy!

  • Make Favorites

Get all the information you need and make lists of your favorite fishing spots!

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